Monday, September 8, 2008

Finding the Time

Gas is not the only thing at a premium. Every extra second I have seems to go somewhere. I find myself saying - if I have five minutes later I will.... OR Staying up five minutes later to do x then waking up more and more exhausted day after day. The werid thing? I really enjoy it! I enjoy having more work then I could possibly do. It makes me feel useful, successful, meaningful. I love doing pottery even if it is in the extra seconds. I love teaching even if it is the center of my universe, I love teaching fencing even if I can barely move the next day. I love going to college and being a student even if all I do on Sunday is read textbooks and write papers. If you do what you love then it is not really all that big a deal that you can barely move most of the rest of the time! Cheers!

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