Thursday, October 9, 2008

Work and Work

Oh my god it has been a long time. Between my real job, the fun job, going to classes, and this crap ass economy this has been a busy and stressful fall. But on a happy note the wood fire kiln at the artisan center is being opened this saturday. I have a few cute little animals in the kiln plus two bowls. I am very excited to see how they look. It should be a super fun time, like christmas except better. Then Z pottery with Carvings by G, i.e. my husband and I, have two shows in early November, and a new show in December. I truely hope we sell something. I am, as are many other crafters, saddened by the lack of good business. I am just lucky that I sculpt clay for fun and not for a living. My husband and I are meerly happy when our pottery pays for the expense of doing it. I feel for the artist who tries to feed their family on their art in this economy. ~ cheers

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